A Sample of My Photography

Below is a sample of some of my more recent photography. 

A wet late winter snow storm provided this wintery scene

A neighborhood flooded out from storm surge on Staten Island during Hurricane Sandy.

Crepuscular rays and cumulus clouds populate the horizon.

Sunset and dissipating storms

Calm seas on a quiet beach

Mayan ruins

Clear caribbean water on an overcast afternoon.

Plumeria Flowers wet from an evening storm

A severe warned cell in Nebraska

Tropical Flowers in my NYC yard

A closeup on this Passiflora "Berkley" flower

Strong directional shear caused these oddly shaped precipitation shafts

An ominous horizon in Kansas

A dusty outflow seen in this severely warned storm. 

Beautiful mammatus clouds lit up by a Kansas sunset

Storm clouds framed by an abandoned farmhouse 

Mammatus clouds and a dark horizon

Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Crape Myrtle blooms drooping in the rain

Closeup on a butterfly 

Mid Summer Greenery in my yard

The longest suspension bridge in the US, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, on a clear summer day.

Flower Petals falling during an afternoon sun shower.

Passiflora Berkley in bloom

Passiflora Caerulea in bloom

Natural symmetry

Sunlit flowers

Bermuda's famous pink beaches.

A foggy Florida sunrise

Sabal Palmettos in Florida 

New York's only native cacti, the Eastern Prickly Pear

A circumzential arc giving this cirrus cloud some "serious" color! 

A Gray Tree Frog, once extinct on Staten Island, appears in my yard on a rainy evening.

Stephanotis floribunda has modest blooms but incredible fragrance 

Sunflowers are a classic summer bloom and a favorite for bees and butterflies

Lots of tropical color provided by these potted plants.

Spanish moss and Italian Cucuzza lit up by the late evening sun.

Various tropical plants.

A macro shot of hibiscus flowers structures

A fiery sunset on Bermuda

Mangroves lining an inlet on Bermuda

A Golden Lion Tamarin

A few coastal photos from Bermuda

The most famous beach in Bermuda - Horseshoe Bay

A view from Gibbs Lighthouse, the highest point on Bermuda